We are proud to produce delicious British beef from our herd of 50 Aberdeen Angus and Sussex cattle. These native breeds are well known for developing slowly with better marbling of the meat which produces an excellent flavour. We hang our beef for 28 days to give it a wonderful depth of flavour. 


Our beef is reared to the highest welfare standards and is Red Tractor Farm Assured. The cattle are born and raised on the farm and graze outdoors from Spring to late Autumn on our low input permanent grassland which is sustainably managed as part of a countryside stewardship scheme to promote wildlife. 


Do you want to reduce the carbon footprint of your food? Meat from slower growing animals which graze on species rich grass is better for the environment than meat from grain fed animals. Pasture fed cows use fewer energy-intensive inputs, and the permanent grassland they graze improves soil structure and helps to sequester carbon from the atmosphere.




"I had your beef last night and it was fabulous."

R & S July 2020

"The best roast I have ever eaten!"

Quality beef. 

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Grass Fed.
High Welfare.
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